About Us

We are South Africa’s leading provider of medical practice support systems and patient engagement platforms

HealthDocs was established with the express purpose to provide user friendly and affordable administrative support systems to medical practices that reduces medical risk, improves efficiencies, communication and drives better patient outcomes. 


Around the globe, our lives are increasingly transformed by technology, with healthcare perhaps one of the most impressive arenas for these changes. Through the adoption of technology used by us all every day, HealthDocs delivers cost effective and efficient functionality that enables the digitisation of the medical practice and facilitates patient participation. The ease of collaboration between the medical practitioner, practice staff, patient and care network is key to delivering sustainable positive healthcare outcomes. The various HealthDocs products have been created to administratively support medical practices and facilitate collaboration and drive efficiencies between all health industry participants. HealthDocs addresses key components applicable to them such as accessibility, security, confidentiality, risk and the maintenance of the patient's clinical record. 

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