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Connected Devices

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We enable the integration of a number of wearables and point of care devices

The HealthDocs digital health platform can communicate with a number of wearables and point of care devices aimed at improving disease management, home care and co-ordination of care accross multiple disease areas.


We also provide communication with a number of diagnostic devices that can improve efficiencies and reduce cost at both practice and clinic level.

The list of wearables include:

  • Apple HealthKit - Apple watch & iOS devices

  • Google Fit - Android OS devices

  • Garmin devices

  • Fitbit devices

  • Polar devices

  • Tom Tom devices

The list of point of care and diagnostic devices include:

  • Glucometers (Coming soon)

  • Blood pressure monitors (Coming soon)

  • Cholesterol monitors

  • Spirometers (Coming soon)

  • Others

We, together with our partners, are continually reviewing new products that can drive improved patient outcomes.

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