HealthDocs for Medical Practices

HealthDocs Practice provides practices with the ability to scan application forms, medical aid cards, patient files, reports and photos cost effectively from a mobile phone and/or tablet or existing scanner directly into HealthDocs for Medical Practices or into their existing practice management software.

HealthDocs Messaging for Medical Practices

The medical practice receives numerous calls, requests and emails per day that may require the practice staff to quickly communicate with the doctor or other relevant staff.


An instant messaging service eliminates the need for an disturbing phone call or an unwanted interruption during a patient consultation.

HealthDocs for Patients
HealthDocs Task Workflow for Medical Practices

The medical practice receives numerous calls, emails, requests and documentation each day from many stakeholders, be it patients, medical aids, laboratories or colleagues.


The HealthDocs Task Workflow Module manages these workflows so that important requests, tasks and documents are managed efficiently within the practice. 


HealthDocs for Patients allows the patient to capture and share behavioural and traditional clinical data in addition to clinical notes, photos, reports and other relevant medical records effortlessly with their doctor.

HealthDocs Online Bookings for Medical Practices

HealthDocs provides online appointment booking functionality including booking reminders.

HealthDocs for Medico-Legal Compliance

HealthDocs Medico-Legal addresses risk relating to a myriad of aspects within a medical practice, including but not limited to practice terms and conditions, patient informed consent, confidentiality, contract management, complaints management and information disclosure etc. 

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