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HealthDocs Covid-19 Corporate Compliance

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Covid-19 Corporate Compliance

Due to the stringent requirements placed on companies within South Africa regarding the monitoring of its employees as companies return to work, HealthDocs has developed an easy to use employee monitoring solution that is aimed at addressing compliance whilst also ensuring best practice management of the health of the company’s employees.

The solution provides for an Employee Monitoring App which addresses employee health screening, quarantine and isolation tracking, employee awareness and education, whilst also providing the company with its own Covid-19 Corporate Management Platform, which enables employee screening, monitoring, tracking and reporting.


It is of critical importance that us as individuals, corporate citizens embrace the urgency of containing the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and to limit the risk to our businesses and the economy as a whole. This includes changing our behaviour, adopting new habits and utilising technology to address the risk of infection and spread of the virus to others.


The Employee App is available for free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play stores. The App allows for daily self- screening and monitoring. The symptoms are provided in real time to the Corporate Management Platform to ensure that employers are in the position to monitor and manage the health of their employees. The App captures risk metrics such as chronic conditions, lifestyle conditions and other comorbidities that are required for the proactive management of the health of employees.


The App also creates an automated 14 day symptom tracker should employee become symptomatic which automatically creates a Covid-19 case in the Corporate Management Platform.

The 14 day tracker also caters for the capturing on contact lists and historical travel information that may be required for contact tracing in the event of a positive diagnosis.

The App also provides users with their own unique HealthDocs ID QR code which enables easy access to their employer's premise or any other facilities that utilise the HealthDocs compliance platform.


In addition to providing the employee with Covid-19 relevant information in the form of documents and videos, the App also provides the employee with a complete electronic health record platform. Other than the Covid-19 information, no medical information, clinical metrics or documents contained in the App are shared with employers.


The Covid-19 Corporate Management Platform, which is web-based, allows employers to daily monitor their employees in compliance with regulations determined by government. Real time feeds are also received from employees conducting self- screening and monitoring via their employee app. This allows employers to manage the health of their employees both at the business location and whilst employees are working remotely. The platform also screens visitors entering your business to ensure that potential risk is managed effectively. Employees experiencing symptoms are proactively managed and cases created to manage the risk to both the employee and the business. When a case is created, employers will be able to access the employee’s contact lists and travel history to manage associated risk.

The platform also records and tracks the disease lifecycle of employees from contact to testing to self-quarantine, self-isolation or those who have been admitted or discharged from hospital. Patient tracking information is also shared with the platform to inform employers of the location of employees when symptoms are captured.

Should employees provide consent, the platform can store pathology results together with any other applicable documentation.

An internal messaging system enables employers to communicate efficiently with their employees via push notifications and SMS. A number of graphical and analytical reports are available within the platform to assist employers with the management and analysis of data, including compliance and legislatively required government reports.

The Covid-19 Corporate Management Platform also includes the HealthDocs Easy Access App, which allows system users to easily scan the employees' unique HealthDocs ID QR code for quick access to the premise. This App is also utilised to scan visitors thereby improving visitor management and screening.