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HealthDocs Disease Management


Universal Disease Management

The HealthDocs Disease Management platform is focussed on specific patient case management as it relates to communicable disease and non-communicable diseases. The platform receives real time feeds from both the HealthDocs Patient as well as the HealthDocs Practice platforms.


The platform highlights symptomatic patients as well as patients whose clinical metrics are either above or below medical norms.  The platform also manages and reports on the patient’s disease lifecycle. 


The platform also provides a complete patient document management section that allows users to upload pathology and radiology results together with any other relevant documentation. The platform also enables users to communicate with patients via push notifications and SMS. Patient tracking information is also shared with the platform to inform users of the location of patients.


The reporting component provides a host of pertinent reports aimed at providing both a graphical and analytical representation of data received from the various data sources relating to the patient's specific disease..