Improving efficiency and clinical outcomes through digitisation

HealthDocs provides practices with the ability to scan application forms, medical aid cards, patient files, reports and photos cost effectively from a mobile phone and/or tablet directly into a patient's timeline.

The solution also allows for the upload of email attachments and scanned documents from existing scanners/ photocopiers directly into a patient's timeline via the practice’s existing PC. HealthDocs records can be effortlessly emailed to other healthcare providers or patients if required (referrals, second opinions, scripts  etc.).

HealthDocs’ value to the practice
  • Time saving

    • Doctor has immediate electronic access to patient records

    • Optimise clinical care by securely sharing information with colleagues

    • Easy take on of new patients

    • Patient files, reports, scripts, emails and documents are easily digitised without the need of a scanner or any other hardware


  • Cost saving

    • Digitise patient files easily and cost effectively wherever you are in real time without the need for a scanner

    • Digitise photos, reports, scripts, emails and documentation in real time

    • Reduce physical storage space and generate more income by utilising the area for other services such as nursing services or a second consulting room

    • Reduce operating costs of the practice by a minimum of        R1,000.00 per month (Files, printing, paper, cabinets etc.)

  • Peace of mind

    • Patient records are securely stored and backed up daily

    • Patient records are immediately accessible and are not misplaced or lost

    • Improved medico legal documentation

    • Legal risk is greatly reduced because access to medical records is securely controlled

    • Access clinical records in real time wherever you are

    • Optimise clinical care by securely sharing information both internally and externally

The HealthDocs for Practices application consists of the following components:
  1. Secure capture of Patient records and categorised as follows:

    • Patient information​

    • Clinical notes

    • Pathology

    • Radiology

    • Scripts

    • External notes

    • Electrocardiographs

    • Medical aid forms

    • Referral letters

    • etc.

  2. Secure capture of Practice records and categorised as follows:

    • Practice documents​

    • Employment contracts

    • Medical aid contracts

    • Other legal contracts

    • Insurance, finance and tax

    • Ethical guidelines

    • Legislative documents

    • etc.

  3. New patient consultation including integrated Terms & Conditions consent

  4. Capturing of new patient consultations incorporating diagnosis codes, procedure codes, NAPPI codes and consumables

  5. Generation of invoices for cash practices
  6. Complaints management

  7. Document upload notifications

  8. Patient/ Practice timeline views

  9. Email, download and printing of documents

  10. Notes functionality

  11. Direct electronic patient registration functionality

  12. Practitioner education

  13. Full account management

  14. Secure authorised bilateral sharing of information between authorised practices and patients utilising the HealthDocs for Patients application.

  15. Secured Web application for use on PC browser (SSL)

  16. Secured Mobile phone and tablet application for use on iOS and Android devices

  17. Secure hosting of electronic records including 100mb of storage space

  18. Daily backups of HealthDocs records

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HealthDocs for Medical Practices

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