HealthDocs Task Workflow Module

Enabling efficiencies through workflow

The medical practice receives numerous calls, emails, requests and documentation each day from many stakeholders, be it patients, medical aids, laboratories or colleagues.

The HealthDocs Task Workflow Module manages these workflows so that important requests, tasks and documents are managed efficiently within the practice. Smart to-do lists are created for each member of the practice to ensure that information can be tracked and managed effectively.

The HealthDocs Task Workflow Module is an add-on to the HealthDocs for Medical Practices application and provides the following functionality: 

  • Notification of incoming documents added to HealthDocs, be it from patients, staff or other stakeholders
  • Management and tracking of inbound calls, tasks, emails and documents etc.
  • Creation of to-do lists for each member of the practice
  • General
    • Secure hosting of HealthDocs records

    • Daily backups of HealthDocs records

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